Friday, 20 March 2015

Flare This Season

Revival of the 60's or the 70's  style is the style mantra of the current fashion statement. One such comeback is of the Flare jeans.  Also  known as Bell- Bottoms or Boot cuts these were a part of the hippie culture and later moved to Mainstream Fashion. They are a versatile piece of clothing and can be used for a bohemian style to chic girl in a number of ways. These are best paired with Heels or Clogs. So its time to give those skinies a little break and get your grove on with the Flare. 
  So here are a few inspirations "TO BRING THE FLARE BACK"

( Pics via - Pinterest including KendyEveryday, Ringmybell, Wendy's Lookbook )

Friday, 12 December 2014

Marks and Spencer: Winter skincare Haul

As the winter has set in properly we all realise that our skin shouts out for more moisture, hydration and care. It needs a change of skincare routine for that soft and supple feel to it.  
With this in mind I went to get a few products for myself. I am a body shop #fan when it comes to skin care but this time I thought of being a little adventurous with  my choice of products.

 I got the luxurious and sumptuous bath and body products from the Floral Collection at Marks and Spencer (M&S). 
Keep checking the blog for their review


Friday, 5 December 2014

How to wear a Pink jacket

I am soon to join a job and so keep thinking about outfits that I can wear to work which are sophisticated and at the same time relaxed and casual. So today, I teamed a basic white tee and denim jeans with this pink jacket to give the look a little edge. Hopefully, it works for my office (fingers-crossed !!) 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Get Dressed for an Interview in Indianwear

I had an interview to go to today and on the way back thought about doing an outfit post coz while getting ready I had to go through a big pile of clothes to decide what is interview appropriate without being too boring. Also I wanted to wear indianwear rather than Shirts and trousers. So keeping it simple I paired a Kurta with Pants in the most neutral color for winter thats right my friends... BLACK!!

Friday, 14 November 2014

October FABBAG: Review

The contents in October FabBag were absolutely amazing and I had a blast trying them. It consisted of three products:
  • SeaSoul HD Finish CC Cream
  • Just Herbs 6 step Organic Skin Care Regime 2
  • thw Nature's Co Jasmine Sugar Body Scrub

I tried all these products for the first time after receiving them in the Bag. Now there were both hits and misses for me in these products.

Firstly, the Seasoul HD Finish CC cream (available here ) which was a full size product priced at Rs. 650/-. It claims to help correct discoloration left behind by acne, scars, sun damage and uneven skin tones. The consistency of the product is quite think. It reminded me of Vicco turmeric cream both formula wise and coverage wise. So it is a total miss for me.

Secondly, The Nature's Co Jasmine Sugar Body Scrub... I AM IN LOVE with it. I generally use The Body Shop body scrubs but this product has got me hooked to it and I will definitely be buying the full size product which btw is not cheap ( Rs 1695/-) even in comparison to te Body Shop scrubs. This product left my skin soft, supple and feeling nourished which I just loveddd.

Thirdly, the Just Herbs 6 step Organic skin care regime has :
  1. The silksplash Neem Orange face wash (love love love) it again something that I would definitely be ordering again,
  2. The Lively Honey Exfoliating face cleansing Gel which I felt was good but as for getting it again I am still not sure about it so will give it another week or so,
  3. Fagel Instant Glow All-purpose beauty gel which smells a little funny and didn't do much for me for daily use. I feel this might be because this pack is suited for Oily to combination skin while mine has transformed to dry/normal due to the weather. For people with oily/combination skin it might be a good daily use product.
  4. Fairever Milky White Protein Fairness Pack which is again a good pack when compared to similar products. I don't really believe in fairness packs but it does leave the skin smoother and brighter,
  5. No sun Jojoba Wheatgerm sun protection - we can never have enough sun protections - am i right !!!
  6. Fair'e Mulethi khus Skin Lightening gel is a nightcream gel which again Is for oily/combination so similar effect as the day cream for me.

So in conclusion quite Happy with the products this month and now its actually time to renew my subscription... That for sure is happening soon.


Thursday, 13 November 2014

My First Diwali post Wedding

Diwali of 2014 will always be very special and dear to me as it was my first diwali with my Boo and our Families. We were home in Chandigarh for the festivities. I know I am posting these pictures really last but i had completely forgotten about them after coming back to bangalore but, as they better late than never ;)

Friday, 31 October 2014

October 2014 Fabbag

I recieved my October Fabbag recently and so decided to give you all a sneaky preview of all the beautiful things it is carrying.